Non-Invasive Collagen Mask

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Non-Invasive Collagen Mask

Exclusive Non-Invasive, Collagen Facelift Through Cutting-Edge Technology

This proprietary collagen mask formula by PURIGENEX is medically engineered with the world’s most highly purified atelocollagen (non-immunogenic and bio-compatible). General collagen has never been easily absorbed into the skin by topical application. This is due to its larger molecular size and lack of negative ionic charge. Most collagen cosmetics are only able to form oil membranes in the outer dermal layer of the skin, whereas Purigenex's negatively ionized atelocollagen assimilates into the skin.

Collagen of this quality has never before been offered in topical cosmetic preparation. It’s even better than collagen injections as the results are more natural looking.

Benefits of Collagen

  • Indicated for prevention and repair of skin that shows signs of aging, sun Intensive Collagen Mask Treatment damage, skin discoloration and acne scarring.
  • Hypo-allergenic alternative to fillers.
  • Ionized collagen makes the skin plumper, smoother, more supple and more YOUTHFUL.
  • Prevention and improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Provides more natural looking results than Botox, fillers and injections.
  • No down time needed. Patients can resume normal activity and apply cosmetics immediately following the treatment--no redness or swelling will occur.
  • Can I expect the results to last after the 8-week treatment process?

    As with any anti-aging treatment, maintenance may be required to keep improving upon your results--especially if your lifestyle warrants it--Dr. Susanne Bennett, DC shown in the photos above and to the right is very active outdoors and endures a great deal of sun exposure. She keeps her results by getting a mask treatment once a month and follows it up with a collagen serum a few days a week. Once you get the concentrated 8-week treatment, you can devise a follow-up plan that works best for you.

    How is this collagen treatment different from other topical collagen products?

    The collagen treatment mask we use from PURIGENEX contains only animal bioactive atelocollagen which is never denatured or heated. This Type I atelocollagen is manufactured through a proprietary process researchers developed to remove the antigenic telopeptides which cause immune reactions in general collagen. This collagen is also negatively ionized by succinylation, ensuring the proper electrostatic interaction with skin cells to achieve beneficial penetration, absorption and assimilation. Only with these activated properties can a collagen product function to support cell generation. We know of no other topical collagen cosmetic which is as pure and bio-compatible, and which will have as profound an impact on healing and repairing the skin.

    Porcine animal collagen used in PURIGENEX is always obtained as part of the food chain process (from pigs)--animals are never killed or harvested for collagen extraction.

    To read more about this incredible new, non-invasive face lift system, go to Philadelphia Health & Beauty Examiner.

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    Introductory Special!

    8-week system is simply the MOST affordable, no-needle, face lift available today. Unlike other topical collagen treatments that cannot penetrate the skin enough to provide results, this FDA-registered formula has been medically engineered to absorb deep below the skin in order to stimulate the collagen reproduction necessary to profoundly heal and repair the skin.

  • Collagen mask applied once per week for 8 weeks
  • Take-home serum applied morning and night daily
  • Results are longer-lasting and more natural looking than Botox, Fillers and Collagen injections.
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